Your trusted Global Private Label Product Partner

Our Company

International Marketing Australia Pty Ltd (trading as Intermarkets) is a leading global supplier of private label fast moving consumer food products and beverages to the world’s supermarkets.

Our Services

Intermarkets offers a range of private label supply solutions including sourcing private label food and beverages, research and development, supply chain management and re-packing services.

Private Label

Intermarkets products are supplied as per our partners specifications and customised to suit each market’s unique requirements and demands. Intermarkets core focus is to work with our partners to research and develop private label and home branded products in order to maximise their goals.
Europe Office – London 10 John Street, London, WC1N 2EB United Kingdom
Ph. 02 8005 0059
China Office – Shanghai Room 102, No.2 Building, Blue Ocean Tech Plaza, 58 Xin Jian Rd (E) Shanghai, 201100, China
Ph. 02 8005 0059

Melbourne, Australia (Head office)
73 Capital Link Drive,
Campbellfield, VIC 3061
Phone: 02 8005 0059

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